Custom work

First of all, thank you for looking at this page!

Next to pre-made products that are for sale, I also do commissioned works for personal and business end usage. I´m not someone that will make everything, fish, other sea creatures and some bugs are my field of experience.

Why would you choose me to make these images?
Expertise in scientific accuracy / I've been collecting, photographing and identifying fish for years, for enthousiasts, but also for record commissions and other companies.
Diverse portfolio / I've drawn 146 different fishspecies to date and I'm constantly trying to increase this number. The more I've done, the more I've learned and the less challenging the next weird subject will be.
Making the right fit / Colour, size and shape can all be adjusted to the needs of your project. Not everything is possible, but most things are, tell me about your idea and we will try to make it happen


Personal commission:
Prices of these vary a bit depending on complexity, size and the nessecary time to make it. With the cheapest option being at A3 size, which is usually a good size to able to add all of the details. Some fish have to be a little larger and others can be smaller, to keep the same level of details in my works. There is always a possibility to work smaller or bigger, but it can take several extra hours to do so.

The 'average' rate for these is €350-400


Business commissions:
The prices of business commissions will be more variable than those of personal works, mainly because of their end-use. There is a whole range of ways to get to a design that's wanted. I also offer graphic design with the drawings I do, so they can be integrated into a logo, turned into a sticker, postcard, or any other desired printwork. These designs can be made with either new drawings, or with one selected from a file I have (this file is currently only available through e-mail, please send me a request on the 'contact'-page, if you would like to see it).

Don't hesitate to send me an inquiry for your idea, because we can probably make it happen!