About me

My name is Sjors Waterschoot, I'm from a town near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Nature and especially aquatic nature has always been one of my main interests. When I was just a few years old, my dad would take me fishing and since then I've always admired the beautiful animals that live under the surface and usually stay hidden. My second passion as a child was drawing, although I never drew a lot of nature when I was younger.

In 2013 I started studying applied biology, but what's probably even more important; I also picked up a form of angling called 'specieshunting', which means that most of the times when you go fishing, you try to catch a species that you've never caught before. In this hobby identifying fish is one of the most important skills and I really hated it when I misidentified a fish, so I started to read and do internet research on them a lot. After some years I learned to identify most species pretty well and people on the social networks noticed this, so I started to recieve more and more pictures to take a look at. This helped to further increase my knowledge about fish species.

My passion for drawing has always been there, but I've never really done a lot with it, until a few years ago. After I had an accident at work, I ended up being at home a lot and soon picked up the pencils. Since then I've practiced almost daily, which has turned into some really nice results. This website has just launched in April 2024, as I'm now trying to get back into working in the shape of a fish artist!